Works in progress

“The Rook and Raven” or “The Timeless”

After many failed attempts, a blog from a character’s point of view that flopped, and one almost complete revision. The Timeless is in the progress of being written for publication.


Wheelchair bound, Sam August lived by himself in the old house outside of town since he was a young teenager, mainly keeping to himself. The only person he’s openly friends with is a slightly eccentric Hygienist and painter, Raven. Eleven months ago, Sam disappeared, with Raven being the last person to see him alive. But there’s a problem; she can’t remember what happened.

Raven Bethleson was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after she became the sole witness of her best friend, Sam. Haunted by what she can’t remember, Raven’s life is consumed by a reacquiring nightmare of dark woods and a crumbling castle. But even this takes a turn for the worst when a seemingly horrible creature, and main figure of her nightmares, comes to life. Now Raven’s only hope of finding out what really happened the night everything went wrong, is to follow it, cross-country, and to places unhampered by our ideas of reality.

The actual character The Timeless, whom my mysterious gas masked character was rather heavily based on, was created by Jillian Moyet. Check out her fantastic journal based drawings at

“Welsh Entity”

Even less refined than “The Timeless”, Welsh Entity (or Ghost Candles, Spectral Shadows, and a few other titles I may go with) is a paranormal mystery set in current day Conwy, Wales, starring a young detective inspector named John Hier as he tries to solve two different strings of strange and bloody murders. One set consisting of convicts from all over the world ending up in Snowdonia with horrifically broken necks, and the other consisting of very odd behavior, such as binge drinking, suddenly appearing in random people and ending in spontaneous combustion. Along the way, he meets two entities who have crossed over from between worlds. One being a young female confused by the morals, and habits of our world, and without even a name for herself. The second being one whom most people who celebrate Halloween may not know they know, Stingy Jack of the Lantern. Whom has returned to this world with nothing but trouble following him.


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