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Post: Two eyes, different colors

I have recently discarded the idea of making the protagonist of The Timeless having Heterochromia iridum, which is a genetic mutation in which someones irises are different colors. In her case, it was going to be dark brown and a forest-y green.

My reason for changing that about her is that it is very widely used in less serious original characters, such as character’s used for role-playing. I thought I could make it work for a while, complete Heterochromia iridum is a very interesting and unique condition. But I’d risk people viewing the character in a less serious way.

I have a few other ideas for making my protagonist different. Most of which I can’t remember at the time…

Oh Well.

On another note, I’ve been doing some research for my other story, Welsh Entity/The Wick Effect.
Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) is very interesting… Featuring it that story would be equally interesting I think…


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