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Post: One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN)

Sigh… This words have been especially painful these past weeks.

One Year Adventure Novel is the writing program I am using for school. Very cool, and helpful.
Besides the fact that it has repeatedly torn my hopes and dreams away, and crushed them with the strength of Superman.

The programs gives you limitations. Which is awesome because sometimes creativity works best with boundaries.
The first being limiting the age of my main character. Which makes perfect sense. But this completely screwed the plan to write my mystery novel The Welsh Entity.
Then it limited me to writing historical adventure. This is the part that screwed me up the most. I don’t read in this genre at all. Making it impossible for me to write a decent novel in.

But it’s all good now. I’m going to make it work so I can write The Timeless. Though, not all the characters are mine. Making me feel increasingly lame.

And writing a lame story is my greatest fear. Right behind one of my characters being a Mary Sue, that is.


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