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Mary Shelley: How The Queen of Goth Lived a Dark Fairy Tale

Mary Shelly lived a life that would be considered radical, and unstable now. I’ve read a few things on how Frankenstein came to be, and I am always interested in new information about that summer, and Shelly’s life in general.
I have been reading and I’m very much enjoying Frankenstein. It’s so much different than the film adaptions I’ve seen, and all the details and such in the actual novel are really holding my attention.

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In the summer of 1816, 19-year-old Mary Godwin—soon to be Mary Shelley—conceived the tale that would become the biggest Gothic masterpiece of all time, Frankenstein.The wildly dark book shocked and titillated the literary world when it was first published in 1818, but the most surprising element was how Mary’s life itself played out like a dark fairy tale. She was a fiercely unconventional woman who suffered many heartbreaks and tragedies, lived several years in an untraditional relationship, drifted from place to place, and generally rebelled against the world she saw as limited and sexist.

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