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Post: Working though details.

“Raven stayed in bed most of the time after Sam first went missing. Not eating, or getting up much. Causing some unhealthy weight loss. She had paid leave from her work for as long as a year and a half, so she didn’t have any where to be. All those unused vacation days coming into use.
People would call, wanting to go out in town with her. Raven replying that she had something important to do. Or that she felt ill that day.

She felt the whole city judging her. The girl who’s friend disappeared, missing without a trace. Who was there when it happened. Traumatized by what occurred  that day. But what had happened? And why couldn’t she talk about it, or say where he went. Why couldn’t she?”

A bit of how Raven might have felt during her first few months after the trauma. And a bit of how bad she was getting before her brother stepped in. Truthfully, I enjoy writing strong emotion like that of a character with depression, or in an emotionally taxing situation.

Lately, jutting down ideas in a notebook has certainly been helping me remember concepts. And I’m looking forward to actually starting my book. The course I’ve been taking is really helping me flesh it all out. I’m super excited.
I did have a fun time writing out some story with my friend for fun. Role play writing is good practice for getting into the habit of writing everyday.

I also started an art blog on Tumblr. Which should help me with sharing my art, as this is sort of helping me share my writing.
Hopefully it will help me improve in both as well.

I’m not sure if there was a point in writing this entry… But hey, I posted something.


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