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Post: Mallory’s tale. First pages draft.

Way back in i’m gonna say 2013, I stumbled upon an amazing artist on DeviantArt.
(Yeah… I was a young DA gremlin) her art was wondrously unique, and as I browsed her gallery I found something that I quickly became in thralled by. Her amazingly imaginative tale, known as Decembersville.
I loved everything about it, though it was only a draft of what was to come.
Sadly, the last chapter was posted four years ago. And has yet to be updated, as the author and creator, Andi Espinosa (known as Count Andi, DeviantArt and tumblr) is a pretty busy person. But fans have gotten plenty of new information from questions she’s been asked on her personnal tumblr. ( )

Though it has been a while since I have read the last available chapter, Decembersville still holds a very special place in my heart. And Andi’s work still inspires me to this day. So much so, I have nerded out and made my own little fan characters.

The thing you are about to read is a rough, written draft of a fan-comic I’ve been wanting to work on for a looonngg while. It will probably be a while til I actually make this as a finished work.
I hope you enjoy.


Decembersville: Mallory’s tale

A Decembersville fan comic.


Page 1:

First and second panel large. Placed on top of each other.

Penal 1: A large old truck, with a rusted blue paint job drives through a dark, snowy forest. Its flat bed, and wood trailer filled with large objects, stacked high, and mostly cover with a trap.

The early 80s Someplace in America, possibly Alaska.

***word block 1***

“When I was ten years old, my family moved from Scotland, to a new place.”

***Word block 2***

“A better place.”

Three years earlier:

Panel 2: A tall, thin house on a tree covered hill. Rain falls lightly, making the green shine brightly through the grey mist all around

***word block 3**

“We used to live in a tall, thin house on a hill in the Isle of Skye.”

***word block 4***

“It was in a small forest, one of few in Skye. I was born in the town near our house.”

Page 2:

Four panels, medium sized.

Panel 1: A warmly light, and cozy living room. The walls are light colored wood panels, the big sofa in front of the red brick fireplace is light blue, with white flowers. The big armchair is pink-ish red flax velvet. Atop the darker wood end tables sit mix-matched lamps. One a green shaded fifties style desk lamp, and the other a taller, brass lamp, with a multi-colored, glass shade. Behind the big chair is a tall lamp for more reading light. The back wall is filled with two large bookcases, filled bursting with all different sizes and colored books. Stairs are in the back right corner, and three doors stand in walls next to it. The one right next to the stairs is a small closet, the one next to that is the door way into the kitchen/dining room. And the last into the only bathroom.

***word block 1***

“My old house was filled with laughter, the warmth and smell of the fireplace, and  my papa’s old books.”

Panel 2: Mallory’s father and mother stand in the kitchen, her mother yelling, her father looking as if he is trying to calm her down.
The table is oval-shaped, light colored wood. Like the walls. The wooden chairs are mix-matched, with different colored cushions. The cabinets are a slightly darker wood, and the counter is marble-y green. Copper Pots and pans hang from a rack on the ceiling.

**word block 2***

“My mother hardly ever laughed. She was always yelling at father. She was not happy. She didn’t like what we all were.”

Panel 3: Mallory’s mother is putting suitcases into a small car. It’s dark, and raining. The fog muffles the green of the trees.

**word block 3**

“Sometimes I wondered, even then, if she hated us too”

Panel 4: Young Mallory stands outside her house, in her wore, murky green rain boots, and a blue peacoat jacket. She watched her mother drive away.

**word block 4**

“I was seven when she left. I didn’t understand why she was leaving. Why she was yelling. I only remember bits and pieces of what she said.”

***Word block 5**

Mallory’s mother:

“Why I ever had children, I don’t know! I should have known they would have been freak-monsters like you! Like me!”


Page: 3

6 panels.

Panel 1: Young Mallory stands on a muddy road, the road has lines from cars in it. The rain is falling harder, and the trees droop with water.

***Word block 1***

“I tried to find her, I didn’t understand why she left. I wanted to go with her.”

Panel 2: Young Mallory, curled in a ball, on the wet forest floor. Rain and leaves fall slowly around her.

***Word Block 2***

“I quickly became lost, and cold. I remember stumbling into a dryer part of the woods sobbing. As I curled up in the damp leaves, it didn’t take long for me to drift off into a shivery slumber.”

Panel 3: Young Mallory, now sitting up and gazing at the stranger standing over her.

“I must have slept for hours, but after a while a kind stranger came upon me”

Panel 4: Dark haired stranger carries drowsy Young Mallory back home.

“He asked me where I lived, and then took me back to my family.”

Panel 5: Stranger stands in the entrance of Mallory’s house, still carrying the girl, as he talks to her father.

“He was one of the kindest humans I had ever met.”

Panel 6:

The dark haired man sits and drinks tea with Mallory’s father. Yuria is at the counter preparing more tea, Arrome is sitting in a chair on his knees, his hands on the table. Mallory is standing curled into her father’s side, her father is sitting at the far right of the table. The stranger sits next to him on his left.

“My Papa invited him to have tea with us, and after I was dried off from the rain, papa and the stranger were in deep conversation.”

Page 4:

5 panels 

Panel 1: The dark haired stranger is talking. His bright blue eyes shine with wonder.

“I have heard of a town where people like you live. A hidden town, in the north forests of America.” The man tells my father.”



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