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Post: Buckle down, Crael.

Now that summer has finally started (Blegh. I hate the heat) I seem to be doing better at doing the creative things I ought to be doing.
I still have a bit of school, but I’m currently working on a way to keep busy with school and writing. I have been horrible with schedules for months now, but anyone who cared to read my earlier posts this year know that already.

I read one of the writing exercises I wrote last year, and my stars. I actually love it a lot. I love the way I wrote one of my characters, he was just the way I want him, though the protagonist’s dialog and a few other things need to be edited, it’s still pretty darn good.

And I am still planning on finishing that short story. I was going to rewrite the last few paragraphs when I was distracted by school, and procrastination. So Look forward to that, and the Rook and Raven excerpt after I edit them both.


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