Post: Two eyes, different colors

I have recently discarded the idea of making the protagonist of The Timeless having Heterochromia iridum, which is a genetic mutation in which someones irises are different colors. In her case, it was going to be dark brown and a forest-y green.

My reason for changing that about her is that it is very widely used in less serious original characters, such as character’s used for role-playing. I thought I could make it work for a while, complete Heterochromia iridum is a very interesting and unique condition. But I’d risk people viewing the character in a less serious way.

I have a few other ideas for making my protagonist different. Most of which I can’t remember at the time…

Oh Well.

On another note, I’ve been doing some research for my other story, Welsh Entity/The Wick Effect.
Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) is very interesting… Featuring it that story would be equally interesting I think…


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Post: One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN)

Sigh… This words have been especially painful these past weeks.

One Year Adventure Novel is the writing program I am using for school. Very cool, and helpful.
Besides the fact that it has repeatedly torn my hopes and dreams away, and crushed them with the strength of Superman.

The programs gives you limitations. Which is awesome because sometimes creativity works best with boundaries.
The first being limiting the age of my main character. Which makes perfect sense. But this completely screwed the plan to write my mystery novel The Welsh Entity.
Then it limited me to writing historical adventure. This is the part that screwed me up the most. I don’t read in this genre at all. Making it impossible for me to write a decent novel in.

But it’s all good now. I’m going to make it work so I can write The Timeless. Though, not all the characters are mine. Making me feel increasingly lame.

And writing a lame story is my greatest fear. Right behind one of my characters being a Mary Sue, that is.

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Post: One

Hello good readers. This being my first blog post, let me introduce myself. I am Saoirse Moore. And this is my writing blog.

Here, I will be posting chapters of stories i’m working on, possibly art in the future, and simply updates on what’s going on.

Part of the reason why I’m posting this is because I want at least one post until I get get the writing program I need. The the chapters of The Welsh Entity I do have need to be edited. And I have been to busy with a move to edit them thoroughly.

I will also edit the page explaining the plot of the story, considering I am not happy with it.

I’m going to school very soon, but i’m almost moved completely in my new house.

This is post is actually getting quite rambly. So I bid you goodbye.

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