Post: An explanation. Sort of.

My my… I haven’t posted much anything here in quite a while, have I?
Hopefully this will change, but I think I ought to give a few reasons/excuses to why I haven’t made a single post since July of last year… The first being, I literally haven’t been working on anything. Not a thing regarding writing my book, or other creative projects. I’ve had a buttload of ideas, and I’m planning on working on a quite a few new projects, but I haven’t started on much anything.
I have been doing a lot of school, or at least trying to make sure I do enough. I started pretty late this year, and will have to continue to do work on pretty much all my subjects throughout the summer. So I haven’t had much time, I guess. I could have made time, and I should have. But I didn’t. I didn’t even end up doing many of the things I wanted to do this school year. Which were to start taking Ballet lessons in the first semester, and start Piano lessons, and a driving instruction course in the second. All of which didn’t happen.
So yeah… This school year hasn’t been what I wanted. But I know there is still time to do other things. This year has really just begun after all. And I still have a lot things I can do. Like working on my novel, improving in art, and mailing the darned package of gifts I was sending to my friend.

I do have a real post planned. I was working on it, and had almost finished, when it got deleted or the page crashed or something. So I lost the whole thing.
It was (and is) going to be about the car my main protagonist drives for much of The Timeless/Rook and Raven. Which, oddly enough is a fairly relevant detail.

So I do plan on writing, this next year. School or no school. It sucked losing all that motivation around the beginning of the second semester, but I’m going keep going. I’m going to work hard on things again. And I really need to while I can!

And I really need to spend more time working on this blog, consarnit!


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